Woodland Elementary Holds Successful Book Drive

In conjunction with the Woodland Elementary PTO, Jennifer Sparks’ fifth-grade class spearheaded a book drive entitled “Woodland Book Drive: Love of Literacy”.   

After studying a lesson from Second Step Curriculum, which discussed how kids can get involved in their community, Sparks had her students brainstorm ideas of how they could give back to the community. The idea about a book exchange was voted upon.  

At the same time, the Woodland PTO decided to ask for donations for books to help “freshen” teacher libraries as a way of showing their appreciation. Sparks contacted the PTO the two joined forces.  

“The students really took this project and have done everything to make it happen,” said Sparks. “They have really been excited about it and have learned so much. They are learning to give back to the community and have felt good about what they are doing.”  

In all, 1,000 books were donated to the drive by the Woodland students. Last week, each student at Woodland had the opportunity to pick out a new book for themselves.  

“We decided to do this because, one, we don’t have a lot of nice books in the library and two, we decided we could donate books to people that don’t have a lot of books and that people would have the chance to get more books,” said fifth-grade student Ella Bash. “It feels good to know we are helping people get the chance to read.”  

A variety of books were donated, which were organized into genres by the class.  

In addition to each student getting a book and stocking the library, books are also being donated to the community, including at several area community book boxes.