#TeacherTuesday: Maggie Dust, 7th Grade Science

Maggie Dust | Lincoln Middle School | 7th Grade Science  

Throughout the school year, Lincoln Middle School seventh grade science teacher Maggie Dust always circles back to ‘science is not magic, but it can be magical’ with her students. 

“There are so many things around us that seem magical, but really it narrows down to some kind of process or connection to something else. Photosynthesis is one subject that they come in knowing some details. But when we complete lab experiments and analyze data from them, they have more connection with the hands-on reality that we NEED plants for more than just food.”  

Dust, who is in her 11th year of teaching, including her ninth at Lincoln, always knew she wanted to be a teacher.  

“I think the first known memory of this goal was all the great experiences I had with my first-grade teacher. She went above and beyond to make each subject interesting and exciting.” 

Dust said her favorite thing about teaching seventh grade is that middle school is such a time of development for students this age.  

“I love the growth we get to see over the three years they are here. In my science class, they make so many connections for themselves for the first time. Seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moments of how a process works or why something happens the way it does is amazing. It’s like the first time they are thinking deeper on concepts they thought they knew about before my class.” 

 When she’s not in the classroom, Dust enjoys being outdoors exploring with her husband and their three littles. She added that she runs more days than not and enjoys chocolate and coffee as often as she can.