#TeacherTuesday: Kim Michel, Goshen Elementary

Kim Michel | Goshen Elementary | 2nd Grade  

Kim Michel has always loved children and worked at a day care throughout high school and college but wasn’t necessarily fond of the salary of teachers, so she completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology and business.  

She began her professional career in human resources and while she enjoyed it, she really missed children. After Michel had children of her own, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in education and has not looked back.  

Michel has been teaching for 24 years. She taught second grade for five years at St. Mary’s before being hired at Leclaire to teach kindergarten.  

 “That was the most rewarding year I have ever had as a teacher. It opened my eyes to how hard a kindergarten teacher works.” 

 The following year she moved to second grade at Leclaire and then in 2008 when Goshen opened, Michel took a second-grade position there.  

 “I’ve been blessed with the best co-workers my entire teaching career as they have become my forever family.” 

Michel said she loves the curiosity and the sweetness of second graders.   

“This is my favorite time of year because I am really seeing their growth and we know each other so well. They can be themselves and we have fun while we are learning together. I feel very blessed to have this wonderful group of students and parents in what could have been a difficult year due to the pandemic.” 

Recently, she has enjoyed seeing former students who have grown up.  

“A few years ago, I had the privilege of having one of my kindergarten students as my student teacher. That was a wonderful experience! And this year I have the daughter of a student I had from the day care I worked at in college. I love seeing all my favorites growing up and coming back into my life!” #