Superintendent’s Student Advisory Works to Empower Student Voice

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory was started just last year but is already playing a vital role in connecting student voices to the district. This year’s team, which consists of high school students in grades 10th through 12th grade, applied last spring to be student ambassadors and were selected for a one-year term based on their applications.

Members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory gave a presentation Monday night during the Board of Education meeting to explain their role. They meet once a month with District #7 Superintendent Dr. Patrick Shelton to discuss topics such as finals, bathrooms, dress code, devices, and various other things that affect students. Ambassadors then work with the district to come to decisions that are a compromise of student values and adult values.

They also work closely with Dr. Shelton to ensure that students’ viewpoints and values are not only acknowledged but also incorporated into the decision-making process. Their goal is to enhance communication between students and the district, while amplifying the voices of their fellow students.

To learn more about the 13 members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory, visit

written by Caroline Gates, District #7 PR Intern