NAACP Awards District #7 Library Books Grant

During Monday’s monthly Board of Education meeting, the Edwardsville NAACP awarded each District #7 elementary and middle school a grant for purchasing books for their media centers that illustrate and educate the beauty of diversity. The year’s grant totals $3,000.  

 “The history of the NAACP embodies the spirit of collaboration and partnership, while encouraging the celebration of diversity and unity,” said Edwardsville NAACP President Walt Williams. “It is with that same spirit that we work with District #7.”  

 Williams, along with NAACP former president John Cunningham and NAACP branch member Debra Pitts presented the check to District #7 Superintendent Patrick Shelton and Board President John McDole.  

 “Representation matters. It is important for all our students to not only see themselves in our staff, but in the library when they pick up a book,” said Cornelia Smith, Director of DEI/Elementary Education. “Our partnership with the Edwardsville NAACP has afforded that opportunity and we grateful for that.”