Inclement Weather Procedures

November 8, 2018

Dear Parents:

Winter is fast approaching, and along with it comes the potential for weather and travel concerns. To that end, please review procedures for school cancellation due to inclement weather. The District will use its message broadcast system, SchoolMessenger, to notify parents of school cancellation or altered bus schedules due to inclement weather.

SchoolMessenger will communicate the information in the following ways:

  • deliver a recorded message via live answer or voicemail
  • send an email to all parents’ email addresses with the same information
  • send an SMS text message to your mobile device (If you have not opted-in for text messages, please see the Text Opt-in attachment).

The system will utilize contact information that the District currently has on file in SchoolMessenger, which interfaces with the District’s student information system. Contact information was provided at registration by parents/guardians. Revised or updated contact information should be provided to your child’s school. All information and contact numbers are secure and confidential and are used only for the purposes described above.

The following notification procedures will support the broadcast system:

  • On days when inclement weather occurs or is pending, the decision to cancel school will be made by 5:00 a.m., if possible.
  • On days that it may be necessary alter the bus schedule because of inclement weather, the decision will be made as early as possible (the message will be broadcast to home, work, and cell phones). Parents are encouraged to make arrangements to meet their children in the event of altered bus schedule days.
  • The following radio/TV outlets will continue to carry school closing information: KMOV-TV CHANNEL 4 NEWS; KSDK-TV CHANNEL 5 NEWS; FOX 2 NEWS, KMOX (AM-1120) CHANNEL 10 LOCAL ACCESS TV.
  • Parents may also check the district website at
  • The District Facebook page will also be updated with school cancellation and early dismissal information, which can be accessed at

The District continues to look for ways to improve communication between parents and school. This system will enable us to contact you in the timeliest manner should inclement weather occur. If you have any questions about this system or any part of the notification process, please call Bill Miener, Director of Information Systems & Service, at 655-6018, or by email at

Please rest assured that the District will take all necessary precautions to transport students safely to and from school and home. Thank you for your continued support.


Dr. Lynda C. Andre