#FridayFeature: Nancy Stahlhut, Columbus Elementary Head Custodian

Columbus Elementary head custodian Nancy Stahlhut is a staple in the district.   

Stahlhut has been with District #7 for more than 30 years, not including her school years.  

“I love it. All my life, beginning with kindergarten through 12th grade, I have been with the district.” 

Stahlhut began working for the district because of the convenience in having the same schedule as her two school-aged children.  

She started at the junior high snack bar and then became the head cook at Columbus for three years. After a year, a year as the food service delivery driver, Stahlhut again returned to Columbus as the head custodian in 1996, becoming the first female to hold that title in the district.  

“When I was the head cook, I had the summers off, so I had to find other employment and at times I was working four jobs. This was one job that I could do where I did not need three other jobs. I was able to work full-time and raise my children without having to rush to another job and had weekends off.” 

Stahlhut said her favorite part of working for the district is the students.  

“Year after year it is their smiling faces. I love being able to interact with them and see them grow.” 

She also enjoys interacting with the teachers as well and makes popcorn for them daily.  

“In the beginning, I was told by previous custodians to never go in the teachers’ lounge. That they will bombard you with things to do. Well, I made it a point to go into the teacher’s lounge. You become a friend and they are used to seeing you. Being able to have that rapport with students and teachers alike is important.”