Friday Feature: Toni Peitzmeyer, Leclaire Secretary

by Mary Ann Mitchell, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

For 24 years Toni Peitzmeyer has been a smiling and familiar face as the school secretary at Leclaire Elementary.  

She originally started as a playground monitor in August of 1998 when her youngest son was in first grade.  

“I wanted to know the people that were a big part of his day.” 

Since then, Leclaire has been home to her work family.  

“There have been, and still are, wonderful, caring, and creative people within these walls. I’ve witnessed the staff help students go from not being able to walk in a line to making announcements to the whole school.” 

Peitzmeyer added that a K-2 building is THE place to watch children grow.  

“They are so young and need extra attention and to work in one of these buildings you must accept that your day may not go as planned.” 

And contrary to what some may think, a school secretary is more than someone who just answers the phone and types.  

“A school secretary must be able to multitask. We must be able to answer or find answers for parents/teachers/principal’s questions, fill staff vacancies, make sure the supply closet is filled, proofread, stop a bloody nose, know when to interrupt the meeting your principal is in…and must always try to be patient, respectful and smiling!” 

She said all the above is possible when working with good people that put children first. 

After 24 years, Peitzmeyer’s time at Leclaire will end after this school year when she will retire.  

She is looking forward to spending her days hiking, biking, and spending time with family.  

“I love to travel and will visit and possibly volunteer at National parks and hope to visit Europe as well.” 

While Peitzmeyer is looking forward to what lies ahead with retirement, she is also beginning to realize how much she will miss her Leclaire and D7 family.  

“They are a huge part of my life. We know each other’s spouses, children, grandchildren, pets. We’ve celebrated and mourned together. I’ve been so blessed to have them in my life!”