Friday Feature: Molly Deist, Goshen Reading Specialist

Molly Deist taught kindergarten and first grade for several years before deciding that her true passion was literacy.   

“I remember watching students have those moments when reading clicked and I wanted to be able to spend my time focusing on helping student achieve those moments.” 

Deist pursued her literacy specialist degree at SIUE and was a reading specialist in Missouri for seven years before deciding she wanted to serve the community where she lived.  

“I also knew that District 7 had many amazing educators who I could learn from and many opportunities to grow professionally.” 

Deist is in her sixth year as a reading specialist at Goshen but has also helped at Nelson and Glen Carbon elementary schools.  

One of the reasons she decided to move from the classroom environment to a reading specialist role was that it allowed her to concentrate on one area that impacts all areas.  

“Being a strong reader is the foundation for academic success and I love watching students apply the skills they’ve learned in reading club to all academic areas.” 

Deist does not come from a long line of educators but has always loved working with children.  

“I began working as an early childhood education major because I loved the opportunity to see students experience school for the first time. 

Once she was able to get into the classroom through internships in college, Deist knew she had found the place where she belonged.  

“The growth that you can see from early childhood even through just second grade is astounding. Being part of that growth is what makes my job so rewarding.” 

Deist is thrilled to work for a district that embraces the science of reading as well as getting to work with some of the district’s youngest learners.

I love being able to look at my students as a whole and have discussions about how we can best meet their needs. It is imperative that we provide our youngest students with a strong phonemic awareness and phonics foundation and the reading club is a great place to help lay that foundation. K-2 students are excited to learn every day and I feel so fortunate to be a small part of that love of learning. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to say that you truly love your job.”