Friday Feature: Mark Tschudy, Lincoln Prevention Counselor

by Mary Ann Mitchell, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator 


Mark Tschudy is a one-stop shop of support for kids. From student safety to helping students through social and emotional situations, Tschudy is one of the few that has the privilege of working with students in many different situations and at many different levels.  

Tschudy is the prevention counselor at Lincoln Middle School. He’s been with the district since 2006 and until the last four years split time between Liberty and Lincoln.  

“When I started, this role was setting up positive activities for kids, after school volunteering, getting parents connected with the school and trying to give students a voice in the building. Then when I moved to just Lincoln, they included the general education counseling in it as well.” 

Even though it may be an expanded role, Tschudy said it’s been beneficial for students.  

“Any student in the building knows they can come here to get support for anything. It’s not just coming to see the counselor. It’s where they go if they want to start a new program or a new club, or if they just need every day help with something.” 

Tschudy didn’t always know this was the route he was going to take, but has always known he’s wanted to work with middle schoolers. 

“I think they are the most unique population and have such an incredible outlook on life. After a while, counseling just became something that I knew would get me connected to kids and would allow me to interact with them. I get to know kids as individuals and as humans and try and get them to work towards values and ideas that are important both inside and outside of school.” 

Tschudy is grateful for all the opportunities District 7 has allowed him and the student connections he’s been able to build.  

“Students feeling connected to their building and developing a sense of ‘belonging’ is tremendously important. Being involved in FIT/GO, counseling, coaching, and the new house systems has really provided me with opportunities to build those connections. Getting kids excited about their education, whether that’s through building relationships, offering support when needed, or helping them access sports and clubs is so important. The highlight of my job is being able to provide our students with activities they look forward to.”