Friday Feature: Leah Gibbs, Goshen head cook

by Mary Ann Mitchell, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

One does not always stop and think about the impact a nutritious meal has on a student in the classroom, but school meals are critical to students’ well-being and readiness to learn. That is where people like Leah Gibbs, head cook at Goshen Elementary, come in.  

“Every role in District 7 is important to the students’ lives. I feel like our role in the kitchen is to provide nutritious meals for the kiddos to ensure they can focus in the classroom.”  

Gibbs has been with the district since 2011.  

“What brought me to the district was the need to be able to help my son with his needs and to be able to help him be as successful in school as he could be. The school hours were perfect for that.” 

 Gibbs’ son has since graduated, but she has grown to love the District #7 community, her co-workers, all the teachers and staff, and of course, the kids.  

“The kids at this grade level always make me smile, either with a handmade drawing, a thank you note or a funny little joke. They really make my day!” 

In being the head cook, Gibbs says she has learned quite a bit about the innerworkings of managing a kitchen and over the years has created a good rapport with both her co-workers and the kids.  

“In addition to the kids, I also really enjoy my co-workers – we manage to keep it fun in the kitchen.” 

Gibbs and her staff begin their day by preparing breakfast for around 115 kids each morning and prepare snacks for the preschool and Kid Zone programs before moving on to lunch prep.  

“It’s a lot of repetition, but that is something I enjoy about the job.”