Friday Feature: Brian Beatty, H/VAC Foreman

by Mary Ann Mitchell, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator

For 18 years, H/VAC foreman Brian Beatty has been keeping the temperature just right in district buildings.  

“I love being able to come into a hot or cold room and help save the day for that teacher, staff member or students. They really appreciate when we work as quickly as we can to provide a comfortable atmosphere for them to be able to teach, and for the kids to be able to focus properly on what they need to learn that day.” 

Beatty always wanted to help people in some way and wanted to work in a field that could not only help people, but that would allow him a skill to provide for his family multiple ways.   

In his second year at Ranken Technical College where he was pursuing a degree in H/VAC Technology, District #7 reached out to students and as he said, one thing led to another, and he got the job. That was January 2005.  

“For half a semester, I went to school and worked evenings for the district until I graduated with my degree. District #7 accommodated my schedule and let me work in maintenance at night until I earned my degree and could start days as a H/VAC technician.” 

After 13 years as an H/VAC technician, he was promoted to H/VAC foreman in 2018. 

In addition to being able to provide temperature comfort, the thing he enjoys the most about his job is the opportunity to work for a team that values hard work.  

“That is what we do in our maintenance office – we work as a team to solve problems together. We have a wonderful team of leaders in that office and our goal is always to work hard to serve our students.” 

Beatty says he will forever be grateful for District #7 and his superiors throughout his career.  

“I started with District #7 when I was 19 years old, and since then I have also met and married my wife and have two wonderful sons, who currently attend D7 schools. This district has been a vital part of my success thus far and for that, I am forever grateful. I love how they view hard work and support the staff. It has truly been a wonderful 18 years.”