Cox and Herman Earn MIEE Status

Congratulations to District #7 elementary technology specialists Shanyra Cox and Michelle Herman, who both recently became Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.  

When the district became a Microsoft 365 district, the duo knew there was a lot to learn.  

“I quickly realized that I needed to accelerate my understanding of all things Microsoft in order to guide instruction,” said Cox. “MIEE helped me envision how to better support student and teacher learning in an ever-evolving world of technology, and it gave me the skills, mindset and supportive community to make that happen.”  

“A great deal of school districts around us are Google schools, and therefore, I felt like my outside resources were limited,” said Herman. “Earning the MIEE not only taught me a lot, but also opened the doors to some amazing resources.” 

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program brings together a diverse community of educators from around the world and gives them an opportunity to share innovative practices.   

While the whole process consisted of many modules, the initial training academy was designed to teach coaches about the various Microsoft technologies while providing valuable insights and strategies for supporting teachers and students in integrating technology effectively in the classroom. 

“The emphasis on 21st century skills and instructional design is crucial for preparing students for the ever-evolving world of technology and the workplace,” said Herman. “Not only did I learn a lot along the way, but I also gained access to a supportive Microsoft Educational community of fellow educators across the world and a wealth of resources that I can share with teachers and students across the district.”

“I am excited to help District #7 teachers and students leverage Microsoft tools to create, collaborate and grow as learners!” added Cox.