Career Day Held for EHS Juniors

Friday morning was all about looking towards the future for EHS juniors as Edwardsville High School and the Madison County Regional Office of Education hosted a Career Day. 

Career choices can be overwhelming for students, but the Career Day allowed students to have a glimpse into their futures, to learn and understand the careers they may be interested in and understand what certain professionals do in their field of work. 

The students began the morning by hearing from four successful EHS graduates – Seth Burgett, Trish Cheatham, EJ Jones and Judge Sarah Smith – as they discussed their career paths and answered a few questions from students. 

The students then attended three breakout presentations based upon their top career choices. More than 20 professionals from the community shared their own career experiences that ranged from agriculture/natural resources to business and finance, education, human services, law, manufacturing and engineering just to name a few. 

Freshmen and sophomores also had the opportunity to hear from the panel of EHS graduates.