Announcement of IAR Parent Portal

District #7 is pleased to inform parents/guardians of a new and innovative method for presenting their student’s Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) test results.

  • IAR Parent Portal – Introducing, where you can access individual student results and resources to support everything you need to know about your child’s performance on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness for English Language Arts and Math. This portal also allows you to add your student’s Spring 2021 test results to your user account and access them in the future. Please click here  for directions on creating your account to log into the IAR Parent Portal.  
  • Video Individual Score Reports (Video ISRs) – Video ISRs are personalized videos created specifically for your student that walk through the information presented on their student’s score Delivered via the IAR Parent Portal, video ISRs combine student-specific animation and voiceovers to help you better understand your student’s assessment results and direct you to resources that are tailored for your student’s needs. We encourage you to watch these videos with your child and discuss any questions with your student’s teacher.

As in the past, you will continue to receive paper copies of the Individual Student Reports (ISRs) – which will be sent home with your child next week. However, new this year, included on the ISR, will be an individual claim code unique to your student. With this code you will be able to securely access your student’s test results in the IAR Parent Portal.

The IAR Parent Portal and Video Individual Score Reports are available now to parents/guardians, while the IAR student reports will be sent home next week with your child.

If you have any questions regarding this online process for accessing your student’s IAR test results, please contact Beth Jacobs, Coordinator of Assessment, Instructional Technology and Professional Learning at