Weather Related Announcement from District 7

Good afternoon.  This is a weather related announcement from District 7.

The current forecast for Wednesday, February 5th is for snow to begin in the late morning.  As of right now, the Edwardsville area is forecasted to have 1-2 inches of snow/sleet through the evening on Wednesday.

We will continue to monitor the forecast throughout this evening and tomorrow morning. In the event that school is cancelled, every effort will be made to cancel this evening.  However, please understand that changes in the forecast could cause an early morning cancellation as well.

Once students are in session tomorrow, if road conditions begin to deteriorate by early afternoon, the possibility exists that the district will enact an early dismissal plan on Wednesday, February 5th.

The early dismissal plan would involve releasing Edwardsville High School students an hour early at 12:50 PM with buses leaving the school by 1:00 PM.  Middle School early dismissal would be at 2:00 PM with buses leaving by 2:10.  Elementary school buildings would have an early dismissal at 3:00 PM with buses leaving by 3:10 PM.  Under this plan, high school students should arrive home approximately an hour early, middle school students about 45 minutes early, and elementary students about 30 minutes earlier than usual.    Kid Zone would continue to operate regardless of early dismissal.

Please consider how this early dismissal could affect your students’ arrival time at home and make sure your child is aware of any changes to the normal routine that this could cause. If the district enacts an early dismissal plan, we will communicate via email and an automated call.