#TeacherTuesday: Ashley Ridler, Cassens Elementary

Ashley Ridler | Cassens Elementary | 3rd Grade   

Ashley Ridler is in her third year of teaching, with her career beginning at Cassens Elementary upon graduation from college.  

Ridler always knew she wanted a career where she helped people and throughout high school, went back and forth between teaching and social work. Eventually, though, she decided to focus on teaching.   

“I always had great teachers growing up, and I met some amazing teachers throughout my student teaching experiences in college. Once I began student teaching and saw how much of a positive impact a good teacher can have on students, I knew this is what I wanted to do.” 

Ridler said her favorite thing about teaching is the connections she makes with her students.  

“The best feeling is when students feel comfortable enough in my classroom and feel like they can really be themselves. I really loved getting to know my students and getting to see their personalities more and more throughout the year.” 

When it comes to teaching third grade, it’s seeing that huge growth that students make from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.  

“When they come in at the beginning of the year, they’re so shy and timid. They go from being the oldest kids in their primary building, to being the youngest in the intermediate setting. You can tell that they’re so nervous the first few weeks in third grade. Throughout the year though, they really come into their own. It is so amazing to watch how confident they become and how much they grow socially and academically.” 

When she’s not in the classroom, Ridler loves doing anything creative. Last summer she learned how to do her own nails, teaching herself acrylic nails and nail art using gel polish.  

“I can sit there for hours doing different nail designs. And it definitely saves me a lot of money doing my nails at home!”