School Closure Update: March 26, 2020

District 7 Parents,
I wanted to provide you an update with the latest information that we know at this time regarding school closure, e-Learning, and a couple other topics.  Within the coming days, we expect to receive more guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) that will allow us some local control in how we move forward with our e-Learning if the school closure is extended.  As explained in previous communication, the earliest that District 7 students will be back in school will be Tuesday, April 14th
Changes to meal time pickup for next week—Week of March 30th
We will continue to provide grab and go lunch and breakfasts on MONDAY, MARCH 30TH between the hours of 10 AM and 12 PM and between 4 PM and 7 PM at Edwardsville High School, Glen Carbon Elementary, and Worden Elementary. Families will be able to get up to five days of meals in this one pickup.  We will also continue to deliver meals on Monday, March 30th to those who cannot make it to one of the three locations.  On Wednesday, April 1st, we will have meal pickup at Edwardsville High School only between the hours of 10 AM and 12 PM for those unable to make it on Monday.  These are the only two days where meal pickup will occur during the week of March 30th.  
Primary report cards
All kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade report cards were mailed on Wednesday.  Please be watching the mail if you have a student in this grade level. 
How will high school students get credit if the closure continues? 
Many high school students and parents have asked questions regarding their high school students and how they will receive credit if they are not able to have assignments graded for an extended period of time.  We are confident that the guidance we will receive from ISBE will allow us additional flexibility with grading some assignments in the future. For now, it is extremely important to encourage your students to complete the work that the teachers are assigning—even though the work cannot negatively affect their grades!!  If they are having difficulty completing the work, make contact with the teacher for assistance. For those students in dual credit courses, we are working with Lewis and Clark Community College (LCCC) to determine options to ensure that students will still get college credit for these courses.  Again—the most important factor is to make sure that students are completing the work that is being assigned by the teachers during e-Learning days. 
We need your help to encourage your high school students to continue to engage with their teachers and to learn as much material as possible during the time of school closure.  Remember, that every district in Illinois is dealing with the same issues, and we fully expect that ISBE will be flexible in their guidance to ensure that students are able to receive credit for their courses.
Thank you for your patience as we move forward together.  As additional information becomes available, we will work to get it out to parents and the community in as timely a manner as possible.
Dr. Jason Henderson