School Board Spotlight Part II – 3/9/2021

School Board Spotlight Part II – How School Board Meetings are Conducted

The District 7 School Board holds regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year to conduct the business of the district.  These meetings provide the public insight into district operations.  School Board meetings follow a formal, structured agenda and operate in accordance with approved policies and procedures.  Each School Board meeting agenda contains a number of topics.  Some topics are for discussion or to provide an update and status of activities (the Superintendent’s Report, for example).  The agenda also includes action items where Board members vote on recommendations as a matter of public record. 

Every meeting agenda includes a designated time for the public to take the podium and address the Board.  This is a one-way communication process; the Board takes in these comments and observations. As a matter of policy Board members do not respond to public comments during meetings. Items that require a response will frequently be followed up by a district administrator.  Matters dealing with daily school district operations or items pertaining to student issues are more appropriately addressed with a building level or central office administrator prior to addressing the School Board directly. 

Outside of regularly scheduled public meetings, Board members meet in individual committees to further address district business.  These committees include the Finance, Facilities, and Policy Committees.  All of these committee meetings are open to the public.  Recommendations coming out of these committee meetings are then voted on during regular public meetings. 

To learn more about District 7 Board members, the current Board meeting schedule or to review past meeting minutes and agendas visit:


In the final School Board Spotlight, how the community engages with the Board will be covered.