Message from District 7: 9-25-2020

District 7 Families,

In a time where so much of the news around us is negative, District 7 will work hard in the coming weeks and months to share some of the many positive stories that are going on within our schools.  There are many success stories among the students and staff members that need to be shared.

Middle and High School Hybrid Updates and Clarifications

One goal for our teaching staff is to continually improve hybrid instruction at the middle and high school levels.  It is a team effort that requires hard work from both teachers and students.   We ask for parental support in this area as well.  There are many situations where a percentage of students choose not to engage with instruction on remote days.  For remote instruction to be effective, we need everyone working together.    Please click here to see a list of updates and clarifications to middle/high school hybrid and remote instruction.  

COVID-19 Update 

This week, there was one “outbreak” at Liberty Middle School which consisted of two positive COVID cases within one classroom.  As of this morning, there is one positive case at the elementary school level, three at the middle school level, and one at the high school level.

A reminder that when there is a confirmed COVID positive individual (student or staff member) within a school, the following notifications will occur:

  • All families within a school where there is a positive COVID case will receive an email notification.
  • If a student is a close contact of the COVID positive individual, the parent or guardian will be called by a school administrator or nurse.
  • All District 7 families will receive email notification if any District 7 school suspends in-person instruction due to COVID outbreaks.

In addition, if there is a current positive case within a school, families will receive an update from the building principal with a summary of the number of positive cases and the number of students quarantined as part of a regular weekly communication.   If families do not receive a letter or an update from the building principal, it means there are no positive cases within the school.

Thank you for continuing to follow the practices and procedures that allow us to keep schools open for in-person learning as well as for your continued patience and support.

Dr. Jason Henderson