Thursday, August 22, 2019

This Friday kicks off the school fundraiser. The assembly will take place during your activity period. Students will be dismissed by announcements tomorrow for the assembly. There will be a separate assembly for each grade level, 8th, 7th & 6th.

All students and staff will have their fall photos taken on Friday, August 27th. There is an option to order online or you will receive proofs to pay after reviewing the photos. Retake photos are scheduled for Friday, October 18th. All students will have their fall photos taken if in attendance on those days and are the photos used in the yearbook.

Any student who does NOT get their fall photo or fall retake photo taken will not be in the yearbook

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us at Lincoln Middle School. Please review the following procedures for dropping off or picking up your children at Lincoln Middle School.

When dropping off students, please utilize the drop-off lanes in either the upper parking lot between Lincoln and Woodland or the circle drive off of West Street. While it is also permissible to pick up at either spot in the afternoon, there is very little parking available in the circle drive. You may find it more convenient to pick up your child in the upper parking lot. From 7:30-8:20 a.m. and 2:30-3:15 p.m., during student delivery and pick up times, the gym parking lot is closed to vehicular traffic. Students are exiting and boarding buses, and for safety reasons, we ask that you not try to enter or park in this lot at those times.
Students being dropped off in front of school please be aware and look both ways before crossing in front of cars while getting to the steps.

The Wildcat school store is now open for business during Activity periods. Stop by the school store to purchase a spirit wear t-shirt, a gym bag or a variety of school supplies.

Attention staff and students –we have a water bottle refill station! Bring a reusable water bottle with you to school and stop by the water fountain near the restrooms, by the auditorium, to fill yours up! The chilled, filtered water will surely keep you hydrated during this warmer weather. Enjoy!

If you have a milk or piece of fruit at lunch you don’t plan on eating please do not throw it away. There are bins located around the cafeteria with a Project 612 sticker on it. Place your unwanted items in that and these donations will be collected to distribute to local food pantries.

If students attend after school events, they are NOT to leave the school property and return. Students that are found in violation will receive consequences. Also, students that are staying for after school events must remain in the area of the event (no roaming throughout the building).

Please do not come to the main office for change. The bookkeeper does not make change for students.

Keep collecting Box Tops and continue to turn them into your grade level teachers. Spirit points are always up for grabs and it’s free money for our school! Thanks for supporting LMS! .

Any student walking home must cross the street at an appropriate cross walk. Please remember to cross the street at appropriate cross walks for your safety.

Students, please remember that when you go outside during lunch you have to stay outside until the end of the lunch hour (or until you are let back inside by staff). You are not allowed to go to your locker during lunch.

Students, when entering the building from lunch, please walk do not run in and keep your hands to yourself.

Students walking the track at lunch are not to jump on or over the fence. Those caught doing so will face consequences.

Attention ALL students. This is a reminder that cell phones are not to be used at any time during the school day from 8:00 a.m. until 2:45 p.m. or during detention and/or after school tutoring. Students must remember to turn phones off and lock them in lockers by 8:00. If you are found with or using your cell phone during school hours or before school inappropriately, there will be consequences for unauthorized use.

Students who bring skateboards or scooters to school are not allowed to ride them on school property. You must wait until you exit school property prior to riding them. Consequences can be assigned.

Students serving lunch detentions are to report directly to the stage when lunch begins. You will be sent to get lunch when the line is through.

Friday is recycling day. Teachers, please choose a few responsible students from your activity class to empty your recycling bins in the morning. Students should exit out the back outside doors up the ramp by the girls locker room. Make sure all paper makes it into the bins! Thank you!

After school tutoring is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00 – 4:30 in the media center. No sign up necessary to attend tutoring. You will need a computer pass from your teacher for computer use during tutoring. Listen to announcements for the first day of tutoring.

Any student who needs to get an ID badge may come to the media center after they are downloaded from Lifetouch. Listen to announcements to know when IDs are ready for reprinting.

Students must wear their IDs on a lanyard around their necks or clipped on their shirts. You may not carry your ID in your pocket. If you are carrying your ID in your pocket, you will receive the same consequences as if you were not wearing your ID. Temporary IDs are available from your first hour teacher.

Replacement IDs and lanyards may be purchased In the Media Center. Students who need an ID may go to the Media Center before school (beginning at 7:40) or during Activity periods. The cost is $3 for the ID and $2 for the lanyard.


Any 6th – 8th grade girl interested in playing field hockey should talk to Mrs. Driscoll or Mrs. Wedekind by tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for field hockey.

Girls basketball tryouts will begin September 3rd in the large gym from 3-4:30. You must have a physical on file to try out.
Auditions for the fall play will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week after school from 3:00 – 4:30 in the auditorium. 7th & 8th grade auditions are on Tuesday, August 27th & 6th grade auditions are on Wednesday, August 28th. Interviews for tech crew will be announced at a later date. See Mr. O’Malley to sign up for next week’s auditions.
In addition, you’d like one of the new Drama Club t-shirts, see Mrs. Myers in the main office. They are $15 each. Please support Act 1 and purchase one of our fabulous fall fundraiser Drama Club t-shirts.

Chess Club will begin on Thursday, September 5th in room 116. Please see Mrs. Hoxsey or Ms. Kapper for more details.

There will be an FFA meeting for those interested in room 151 today, Thursday during activity period. It will only take about 10 minutes.

6th and 7th Grade F.I.T. – Our first 6th and 7th grade F.I.T. meetings will take place today during lunch periods in the auditorium. Students interested in learning more about upcoming F.I.T. activities are invited to get their lunch first, and then head to the auditorium for the meeting.

8th Grade G.O. Meeting – Our first 8th Grade G.O. meeting will take place today during lunch. All students on this year’s G.O. team should get their lunch first, and then head to the auditorium.

Have a Thoughtful Wildcat Thursday!