Lincoln School Alumni Foundation to Help Fund District #7 Home-School Liaison

The Lincoln School Alumni Foundation has generously provided Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7 with funding to employ a part-time home-school liaison.   

The liaison will be responsible for working collaboratively with families and community partners to ensure the needs of the whole child are being met, while supporting parents/guardians in addressing family needs, social/emotional and academic needs of the student in the home setting, as well as partnering with the educators serving the child. 

“Part of the Lincoln School Alumni Foundation’s mission is to help under resourced students across the district. Their generosity enables the district to help provide additional resources and opportunities to students who need it the most,” said District #7 Superintendent Dr. Patrick Shelton.   

“The historic Lincoln School Alumni Foundation is very much aware of District #7’s effort to improve our students’ reading skills,” said LSAF president Herman Shaw. “We will continue to support District #7’s efforts to help all students and through this program.”


Pictured, from left to right: Dustin Jumper (LSAF Vice-President), Physhawne Donald (LSAF Board Member), Herman Shaw (LASF President), Dr. Patrick Shelton (District #7 Superintendent) and Dr. Cornelia Smith (District #7 Director of DEI and Elementary Education).