Liberty Middle School



We believe that each student at Liberty Middle School should be provided with an environment that encourages the continued development of the skills necessary for higher learning. We have a commitment to provide programs for each child’s continued development in all areas, aesthetic and creative, as well as intellectual, physical, moral, and social.

The school atmosphere will encourage, stimulate, and support each student’s development of a positive self-image, a respect for the ideas and feelings of others, a desire for learning, and a sense of physical and emotional stability. We will use the values of self-discipline and responsible citizenship to encourage the development of students as contributing members of our changing democratic society. Concurrently, each student will be provided the opportunity to become involved in the decision-making process and in the exploration of career opportunities.

The goal of Liberty Middle School is to accept each student as a unique individual and to provide opportunities that will encourage intellectual and personal growth. We share this goal with the home and community.

Mission Statement

Liberty Middle School will provide a comprehensive, integrated curriculum, within a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. Our learning environment will target the development of students to challenge intellectually, to think critically, to grow emotionally, to develop physically, to mature socially, to encourage creativity, to make informed and reasoned judgments, and to produce and invent, as well as to critique and analyze. Our students will develop habits of personal responsibility and concern for others as they learn about themselves and their world.

Vision Statement

Liberty Middle School is student-centered and recognizes the uniqueness, importance, and formative nature of the young adolescent years in human development. We share a common commitment to build curricular programs and practices that are sensitive to the unique development of young adolescents. We believe that the curriculum and programs should support each student’s need to develop a positive personal identity, as well as the skills necessary to prepare for the future.

Telephone Numbers and E-mails

The main office phone number is (618) 655-6800. Staff voice mail can be accessed through this phone number. The attendance office phone number is (618) 655-6802. The web page address for Liberty Middle School is Our web page is updated daily with student announcements and calendar changes. Staff is accessible via e-mail. Email addresses are staff members’ first initial followed by their last name As an example the principal’s email address is