Polar Plunge for Special Olympics 2021

Polar Plunge 2021 VIDEO

Edwardsville was ready to #beboldandgetcold! Each year students and staff across the district participate in the Polar Plunge to raise funds for Special Olympics. This year things were a little different. The polar plunge committee split the distirct into teams to inspire some friendly competition. The teams were #chillvilleblue (Liberty, Woodland, Goshen, Columbus, Midway, and Hamel) and #chillvilleoragne (Lincoln, Cassens, LeClaire, Glen Carbon, Nelson, and Worden). #Chillvilleorange won raising $4,155! Together the district has raised a total of $8,337.

Mrs. Alyssa Smith ended up raising the most money. Students from the FLS and CASTLE program got to dump ice cold water on the Superintendent Dr. Henderson, Adam Garrett, Tara Fox, and their teachers Alyssa Smith and Brooke Reed.