March 16, 2020

Students, please be reminded that ALL electronics should be powered off when the bell rings at 7:50am. They should be stored in your locker during the school day. Make sure your locker is secured with a lock. Consequences will be given if phones are used during the day or if they disturb class.

Anyone interested in going to the YMCA after school must have a note signed by a parent in the main office & be signed up in the main office by lunch. NO students may go to the Y without the proper permission!! No students can return to Liberty to ride the activity bus home.

Selling any item to another student at school, without permission is prohibited. Students not complying with this rule will be referred to the office.

Students may not open doors for students to enter the building from any entrance other than front doors. Bike riders & walkers may enter from the front doors which are unlocked until 7:50am.

Replacement ID’S

Students, if you have lost your ID or would like an extra one made, you may purchase one in the Media Center. The cost is $3 for the ID and $2 for a lanyard. One will not be made unless you have the money to pay for the item. You may purchase an ID or a lanyard or both; however, payment is due at the time of your request.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

While it is permissible for you to have a cell phone or electronic device at school for use before the first bell rings or after-school hours, it must be turned off and put away during the school day. Students whose cell phones/electronic devices cause a disruption will be disciplined; there are phones in the main office available for student use before and after school. You may not take your phone to class or into the locker room.

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring has begun! It will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 3:00-4:30.

For Homework Completion, students are required to sign-up in the main office when they arrive to school in the morning.

For Homework Tutoring, participants for tutoring will require a recommendation from one of their teachers on that given day. Teachers will send the given student’s name to the office to be placed on the list.

Students will not be allowed computer access during tutoring unless there is a note signed by a teacher stating that they need to be on the computer. Students should wait quietly outside of the media center after school until the tutors arrive to take you to the classroom.  If you have any questions, please see Mr. Foster.

Kindness Quote
Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how.

8th Graders
If you are planning on taking summer school, please stop by the main office to pick up a registration packet. All registration forms must be completed and turned in with payment. All registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. The registration deadline is April 14th. Please see Mrs. Bickhaus in the office for paperwork.

Liberty Track & Field
After school practice is cancelled.

Students cannot walk over to the YMCA after school – it is closed.

Scholar Bowl
Practice is cancelled after school today.

Lip Sync Battle
The Lip Sync Battle on March 27th has been cancelled.

ID’s must be worn around the neck after 7:50am and until 2:45pm.   Consequences will be issued for non-compliance.

During lunch, F.I.T. will be selling blue, black, & white Pura Vida bracelets for $6. We will sell until the bracelets are gone! Proceeds will go to Special Olympics!

Any 7th graders who are looking to join G.O. next year, please get an application in the main office!   

Liberty Yearbook Sales
TIME IS RUNNING OUT for you to buy your copy of the yearbook!! We have a limited supply of yearbooks, but you can guarantee a book for yourself by going online and ordering now — Online orders END ON APRIL 3! If you aren’t sure whether you have bought a book yet, you can go to the media center and see the list. If you need to buy a book, go to and get yours today!

SHOE Drive
S.A.L.T will be conducting a Shoe Drive to support Shoe Crew water projects. ShoeCrew is a company that collects new or gently used shoes and then donated the money to building wells in Africa or third world countries. They partner with other non-profit organizations that distribute the shoes you will help us provide to those in need.
Shoes must be ‘gently used’ (no holes or worn out soles) or new. Please understand that it is a burden on their resources to have to dispose of shoes that are no longer useful. When turning in a pair of shoes, they should be tied or rub-banded together, so they don’t get separated. You can turn in any type or size of shoe.

The Shoe Drive will run from Monday, March 16th – Friday April 10th. The goal for Liberty is to collect 100 pairs of shoes. Let’s be the difference.

EHS Dance Team Tryouts
Any 8th grader interested in trying out for the EHS Dance Team should attend the informational meeting on Monday, April 27th at 7pm in the EHS media center.  You and a parent should plan on attending.  Actual tryouts are the first week of May at EHS.  Any questions contact Coach Lusicic at

Lunch Menu
Monday – Meatball Sub, potato wedges, carrot sticks w/ranch, fruit
Tuesday – Little Caesars Pizza, mixed veggies, string cheese, fruit
Wednesday – Taco Lasagna, cowboy beans, mini grahams, fruit
Thursday – Toasted ravioli w/marinara, steamed broccoli, cheese stick, fruit
Friday – Bosco sticks w/marinara, corn, cherry slushy, fruit

Check Cashing Policy

Neither the Main Office nor the Cafeteria has funds available for cashing checks for students. Students should bring separate checks for payment of lunches, PE uniforms, Activity Fees, FIT collections. If you have any questions, contact the bookkeeper, Darlene Wessel, in the Main Office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pick Up and Drop Off

IF you pick up or drop off your student at school, please use the north side of the building. This is the designated pick up/drop off area. 

Security Measures

In an effort to keep our school safe, any visitor to our school needs to show photo I.D. when entering the building. Please be aware of this security measure. Also, once school begins for the day, all doors entering our building are locked with the exception of the main door. This is the door you must use to enter our building.

Electronic Devices

REMINDER: STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THEIR CELL PHONES ON THE BUSES TO OR FROM SCHOOL UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY. Please remember that no electronic devices are allowed in school. Cell phones must be kept in lockers. Cell phones taken out during school or that ring during school will be confiscated. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAVE CELL PHONES IN PURSES OR POCKETS. Even on “vibrate,” they are still a distraction in class.

Before School Rules

Please remember that 6th and 7th grade students are to be in the large gym until the bell rings at 7:50. The 8th graders need to have a seat in the Commons until the bell rings at 7:50. NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO BE ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING, INCLUDING THEIR LOCKERS, UNTIL 7:50. Students who wish to eat breakfast should report the Commons and stay there until the 7:50 bell rings.


There is one activity bus available for students needing transportation from after-school activities. The run is at 4:45PM. The three buses arrive at school at 4:35 PM and leave 10 minutes later at 4:45. Please note that the activity bus drop-off points are not necessarily the same as on the regular after-school runs. Students should go to one of the buses, informs the bus driver of their address, and he/she will tell them which bus to board.

YMCA Procedures

  1. Must have a note on file.
  2. Must be escorted
  3. You may not return to Liberty to ride the activity bus.


If you are planning to go to the Y after school, please pay attention to the following rules.

  1. Parental permission will be required. Students, who want to attend, must have a note from a parent. The note must be turned into the office by 1:00 PM on the day the student is requesting to attend.
  2. You must be a member of the YMCA to attend.
  3. The crossing guard will check students off a list prior to escorting them across the street. Students who are not on the approved list will not be allowed to cross to the YMCA.
  4. Students are not allowed to return to Liberty Middle School when they are finished at the YMCA. They may not come back to ride the 4:45PM Activity bus. It will be your parent’s responsibility to provide transportation from the YMCA.

The YMCA will provide a great opportunity for you; however, safety is our priority as our students cross the street to attend the Y. These guidelines will be strictly enforced to ensure all students safely cross Goshen Road.