Good Employee Recognition

The Board of Education and administration recognize employees for their outstanding efforts.

Congratulations to the District 7 employees that were honored at the November 26, 2018 Board of Education Meeting. Each employee was nominated by an administrator because of their outstanding effort, willingness, and dedication to students and the entire District 7 community. Employees are given this special recognition as an acknowledgment for their contributions in making District 7 the district of choice.

Edwardsville High School

  • Jennifer Kaffer
  • Jessica VanDeHey
  • Bobbi Messina
  • Lela Johnson
  • Michelle Newgent
  • Samantha Shaw
  • Lori Gergen
  • Ann Caton

Glen Carbon Elementary

  • Janice Fields

Goshen Elementary

  • Sarah Koithan
  • Kim Michel
  • Julia Poe

Midway Elementary

  • Nicole Mathews
  • Jack Turner

Liberty Middle School

  • Kelly Keeven
  • Nancy Gebhart
  • Rachel Harris
  • Bob Wilson

Lincoln Middle School

  • Morgan Grossardt
  • Wendy Grant
  • Gardner Holland

Cassens Elementary

  • Tina Isaac
  • Amelia Sinn
  • Gina Law

Hamel Elementary

  • Vicky Taverner
  • Rachel Graumenz

Columbus Elementary

  • Sierra Hyman
  • Barb Lowry
  • Lisa White

Woodland Elementary

  • Tammy Bauer
  • Carla Fink
  • Danielle Fawbush
  • Worden Elementary
  • Rebecca Goodney

LeClaire Elementary

  • Melissa McKaig
  • Kim Cottrell
  • Janna Beckmann

Nelson Elementary

  • Sylvia Peterson
  • Scot Ambuel
  • Bridget Steiner
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