Friday Feature: Jillian Lemons, Leclaire Social Worker

Leclaire Elementary social worker Jillian Lemons always knew she wanted to be a teacher or a social worker, and in college earned a bachelor’s degree in English with plans to teach high school afterwards.  

“However, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the passion for literature like I did for helping kids through all the hard things, and sometimes the very traumatic events, that life throws at each of us. I do, though, highly value education. Through our schools we have an incredible ability to teach and advocate for all children. I love that I can assist children learn by helping them break through and cope with the barriers that would otherwise stand in their way to do so.” 

Lemons is in her third year with District #7 and in her first year full-time at Leclaire after previously splitting time between Leclaire and Nelson.   

While I miss the students and staff at Nelson, it has been wonderful to have the time to be consistently present and available for the students and staff at Leclaire. I absolutely love my Leclaire family and my team. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and it overflows into the love we have for our kids.” 

Lemons was also certain middle school was the age she wanted to work with, but since being in K-2, there is now no other age group she would rather be with.  

 “I absolutely love and adore our little people at Leclaire. Their love of school, pure hearts, and willingness to learn and help one another is incredible. I feel lucky to be part of their first school experience.” 

Being in her third year, she is in awe of the growth made by the students she is fortunate enough to work with regularly.  

“There is nothing more rewarding than walking down the halls and hearing their little voices say, ‘hi, Mrs. Lemons!’ with so much enthusiasm. I have also worked closely with and learned from some of the greatest educators, from our specialized programs at Leclaire to our general education rooms. Leclaire has most definitely become my second home, and there is no place I would rather be!”