Focus on Finance

We are proud to report that District 7 is achieving the financial goals and stability promised during the Prop E campaign.

At the June 17th Board meeting, the administration reported that the District will significantly reduce the current $5.3 million debt in the Education Fund to less than $1.9 million this summer and is on track to have no Education Fund debt and cash reserves established by June 30, 2020. This year, the District also achieved its first balanced budget since the 2007-2008 school year.

As a community, we should take pride in this accomplishment. The passage of Prop E in 2017 provided critical financial support for the improvement of academics across all schools; keeping our students prepared to face the most challenging of college environments upon graduation from Edwardsville High School.

Through the dedicated outreach efforts by many employees and residents during the Prop E campaign, we were able to solve the unsolvable financial problems facing this district. In 2015, the projections were dismal – without a permanent financial solution the District would end the 2018-2019 school year almost $10 million in debt, facing possible Certification of Financial Difficulty by the Illinois State Board of Education, and possible state takeover.

District 7 has delivered on the promises made for the first two years of the Prop E plan:

  • Restored the curriculum development cycle
  • Purchased new K-12 mathematics instructional materials, including textbooks, that were distributed in August 2018
  • Purchased new K-12 science instructional materials, including textbooks, and implemented an updated K-12 science curriculum for the 2019-2020 school year
  • Implemented a learning management system and completed the installation of WIFI at Edwardsville High School in August 2018
  • Upgraded 552 student computers
  • Restored the technology replacement cycle
  • Upgraded school security cameras
  • Expanded the School Safety Officer Program at the nine elementary schools that offer Kid Zone

We want to again thank the communities that make up District 7 for their faith, trust, and confidence in our school district. We pledge to complete the Prop E plan as promised.

Thank you for your continued support.