Writing Center


Mission Statement:

Edwardsville High School is committed to academic excellence. The Writing Center is designed to provide appropriate one-on-one support and resources to any EHS student to develop writing skills across the disciplines at all stages of the writing process in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


The Edwardsville High School Writing Center provides both one on one and group instruction needed for the student to master various writing techniques. The Writing Center consultants use their expertise to provided original and innovative strategies for EHS students to further the mastery of writing’s finer points.

While in the Writing Center, students practice writing exercised to learn how to express their ideas clearly and to organize their thoughts thoroughly. Additionally, students learn how to analyze and to reflect upon their own writing in a constructive and practical manner. The students engage in practical and meaningful conversations with the Writing Center’s consultants regarding writing techniques and purposes to enable EHS student to comprehend and articulate the steps they can take to thrive as writers. Having honed their writing skills in the Writing Center, students then implement those skills in the classroom and abroad toward continued academic and social success.


  • Students may use the Writing Center during the school day if they have a pass from their classroom teacher.
  • No pass is needed to use the Writing Center before school, during lunch, or after school.


  • Walk-Ins are welcome depending on availability.
  • Due to limited resources, please make an appointment in advance.
  • Sign up on the schedule board located inside the Writing Center.
  • Bring copies of your work along with specific questions you need answered.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as you realize you can not keep your scheduled time so that others may have a chance to sign up.
  • Sessions are limited to 20 minutes per day.
  • Students may schedule a maximum of 2 visits per week.