Do the Right Thing Recognition

The Board of Education and administration recognize students for “doing the right thing.”
Do the Right Thing Recognition

Congratulations to the students and their families who were honored at the February 11, 2019 Board Meeting. Each student recognized was nominated by a teacher, his/her principal, or another staff member because of an act of kindness that was observed somewhere in the school. The program regularly recognizes students who exemplify good judgment in a variety of situations.

The Honorees were as follows:

Edwardsville High School
Alex Wernex
Jack Rafaelle
Joey Lu
Roland Prenzler
Howard Ingram II
Isaiah O’Connell
Holly Williams
Abigail Garvey

Glen Carbon Elementary
Katie Goodman
Collin Rinderknect
Isabelle Wonders

Goshen Elementary
Stella Elliott
Cade Baugh
Charlie Burge
Samual Monroe

Liberty Middle School
Lori Koenig
Joshua Anoke
Alina Tate

Lincoln Middle School
Livia Budwell
Josie Steinmann
Kameron Schacht

Cassens Elementary
Henry Stonewater
Atticus Eales
Isabelle McMeen

Hamel Elementary
Carlee Cozad
Willa Helmers
Hailey Binkley

Midway Elementary
Levi Musgrave
Malory Ruyle
Macie Wilkinson

Woodland Elementary
Addison Timmer
Rowan Weller
Braden Compton

Worden Elementary
Wyatt Gibbs
LulaMae Bennett
Jackson Ruf

LeClaire Elementary
Derek Donner
Elaina Paradee
Khloe Raitt

Nelson Elementary
Lillian Wylie
Tyson Bench
Annabelle Sirko

Columbus Elementary
Harvey Wallace
Eugenia Wilson
Morgan Dauway-Solomon