Do the Right Thing Recognition

Do the Right Thing Recognition
The Board of Education and administration recognize students for “doing the right thing.”
Do the Right Thing Recognition
Congratulations to the students and their families who were honored at the January 14, 2019 Board Meeting. Each student recognized was nominated by a teacher, his/her principal, or another staff member because of an act of kindness that was observed somewhere in the school. The program regularly recognizes students who exemplify good judgment in a variety of situations.

The Honorees were as follows:

Edwardsville High School
Alexis Allen
Erica Bigtas
Hannah Bielicke

Glen Carbon Elementary
Liam Hackney
Colin Huber
Lux Ealson

Goshen Elementary
Annora Burkaman
Ela Kuba
Alexander Ahart
Mia Salger

Liberty Middle School
Allison Russo
Caleb Israel
Mekhi Johnson
Naomi Israel
Micah Johnson

Lincoln Middle School
Sam Vuagniaux
Kai Vetter
Claire Jones

Cassens Elementary
Sunee Delkus
Olivia Sadler
Kaden Wilson
Brynner Reising

Hamel Elementary
Evy Whittington
Hunter Gibbs
Ethan Bohnenstiehl

Midway Elementary
Max Cherepkai
Catherine Ruyle
Lillie Brueggemann

Woodland Elementary
Mia Marshall
Andrah Salyer
Caroline Wylie

Worden Elementary
Madison Sparks
Allyson Suhre
Chace Matheny

LeClaire Elementary
Parker Snyders
Nolan McKinney
Ashlyn Andre

Nelson Elementary
Tyler Lugge
Charlotte Wylie
Chloe Stephenson

Columbus Elementary
Annica Miller
Madoka Fujinoki
Dorien Cochran