What is Proposition E ?

Proposition E
is a referendum on the April ballot that would increase funding for local schools and ensure both our children and community’s future by raising the Education Fund tax rate, for the first time since 1977.

An Education Fund tax rate increase for District 7 is necessary because… the State of Illinois has reduced its funding for District 7 by $7.0 million annually and District 7 cannot maintain its tradition of academic excellence at current funding levels.

100% of the funds will stay local allowing District 7 to… restore financial stability, replace aging textbooks, update curricula, upgrade technology and failing security systems, maintain performing arts and athletic programs, eliminate current operating debt and ensure that our school district does not lose local control to the State.

To address the decline in State funding… District 7 has reduced operating expenses by $14 million, depleted $9 million in cash reserves, refinanced debt, issued working cash bonds, implemented salary freezes and eliminated 101 positions.

The world has changed a lot since 1977, the last time the Education Fund tax rate was increased. Technology, security, unfunded mandates, and student health services, along with inflation have raised the cost of education significantly in the last 39 years.

The current tax rate is $4.22 and would increase to $4.77 if Prop E passes. Currently District 7’s rate of $4.22 is the second lowest of all school districts in Madison County and would continue to remain one of the lowest if Prop E passes.

Please see the Summary of the District’s Financial Stability and the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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