District #7 Announces Young Authors Winners

Edwardsville Community Unit School District #7 has announced its Young Authors winners for the 2021-22 school year.  

Each spring the Madison County Regional Office of Education recognizes Young Authors winners in grades K-8 from Madison County schools at a county-wide event. Students have the opportunity to share their books with each other, participate in reading/writing centric activities and be entertained by a local author, storyteller or performer. 

The 31st annual Madison County Young Authors Conference will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at Edwardsville High School.  


Hannah Heimos, kindergarten 

Ashton Eastman, 1st grade 

Ava Albrecht, 2nd grade 

Glen Carbon 

Clara Mullikin, kindergarten 

Lindley Weiss, 1st grade 

Brooklyn Stewart, 2nd grade 


Callie Thompson, 2nd grade 

Alisa Zhao, 1st grade 

Jamison Pontious, kindergarten


Averi Henschen, 2nd grade 

Eleanor Helmers, 2nd grade 


Vera Boutelle, 1st grade 

Emma Cochran, 2nd grade 


Charlotte Catlin, 1st grade 

Mason Coleman, 2nd grade 

MarLee Epps-Barnes, kindergarten 


Madison McLeland, 4th grade 

Abigail Yarger, 3rd grade 

Phillip Weiss, 5th grade 

Emily Wonders, 5th grade 

Eden Bishopp, 4th grade 


Finn Smith, 4th grade 

Naomi Gregory, 5th grade 

Eva Lee, 3rd grade 


Julianne Daniels, 5th grade 

Elliott Zuercher, 3rd grade 

Edyn Cohn, 5th grade 

Emma Nativi, 4th grade 


Gemma Stumpf, 3rd grade 

Austin Ferrari, 5th grade 

Willa Helmers, 4th grade 


Musa Quaizar, 7th grade  

Drake Schultz, 8th grade 

Olivia Sayuk, 8th grade 

Liv Warner, 8th grade 

Emily Raymer, 7th grade 

Shawn Wonders, 7th grade 

Mark Hill, 7th grade 


Grant Peterson, 8th grade 

Savannah Jackson, 8th grade 

Allie Chong, 8th grade 

Sophia Uder, 8th grade 

John Kohoutek, 8th grade 

Eshaal Nadeem, 6th grade 

Gabrielle White, 8th grade 

Dori Kelly, 7th grade 

Maya Hatch, 8th grade