ECUSD7 Technology Department

Technical Overview

The district has a Wide Area Network using Cisco routing and switching equipment, which provides connectivity for voice, video, and data applications. All district WAN resources are protected by a firewall that also provides CIPA compliant website blocking, email spam and content filtering, and antivirus software on all computers and servers throughout the district.

District 7’s technology infrastructure consists of each school having a LAN (Local Area Network), which is connected to the WAN (Wide Area Network) consisting of 11 high-speed lines, 56 servers, and over 2700 computing devices on the wired network. All classrooms throughout the district have a interactive white board projection system connected to the teachers computer, which has internet and network access. All teachers have e-mail accounts and voicemail. All workstations are connected to the network and have access to server-based applications. Among the 56 servers are E-mail, Web, File and Print servers, as well as database servers and Digital Video Surveillance Recorders.

The District’s centralized student and finance management systems provide administrative support for all locations to authorized personnel.  The entire district network is secured behind  firewalls with antivirus filtering, e-mail content filtering, and spam blocking, and also provides CIPA compliant web site blocking.

District 7 currently has in place state-of-the-art video surveillance security systems along with motion detection, door sensors, and fire detection at all locations. Each location has a Digital Video Recording Server (DVR) to enable high-quality color image capture of all cameras.  The digital surveillance systems provide monitoring and review of all cameras within the building from an Internet client for any authorized personnel.

The video surveillance systems at the schools  can be accessed  and monitored via Internet connectivity to review both recorded and live views from the security cameras. This capability has been installed and configured for access by the Police Departments from their headquarters.