Construction Update with Alex the Architect

Each month, District #7 will provide a construction update on the projects associated with the Bond Referendum with Alex Metzger, the architect for the district. 


Lincoln Middle School
Seven weeks ago, the district switched architects and is now working with BLDD. Since then, the project is at a schematic design package, which essentially shows pictures of where the design is at. They are now moving into design development.  

While colors and final designs are being finalized, these renderings show the design of what the front of Lincoln will look like: (scroll through for additional photos)


Demolition of the 1941 portion of the building, along with some of the 1953 portion of the building, began on Tuesday, August 8. That part of the building houses, ag, art, maintenance and technology. The 1953 portion is completely down, while work continues on sub cutting the third floor of the 1941 portion. Throughout the next two weeks, they will be cutting those roof and floor slabs, and once complete, a large excavator will tear that portion down.  

Once it is down to the floor slabs, jackhammering will take place on the floor of both the 1941 and 1953 portions. This will last until mid-September and will be followed by digging the foundations and hopefully having those poured before winter sets in.  

Construction photos from Friday, Aug. 25


Hamel Elementary
Plans continue to be refined for Hamel, to make it the most cost effective, yet, quality building.   

Midway Elementary
Crews will regrade the site first to see if that mitigates any of the water issues. That will all be done outside of the building. Once complete, it will be analyzed for a year to see if that helped the water problem.  

Secure Entries
Secure entry hardware at Liberty Middle School, Cassens Elementary, Goshen Elementary, Midway Elementary and Worden Elementary is projected for next summer.  

With the designs of Lincoln Middle School and Hamel Elementary, secure vestibules will be incorporated. 

Vestibules will need to be built out at EHS, Woodland Elementary, Glen Carbon Elementary and Leclaire Elementary.  

 Nelson Elementary and Columbus Elementary will require additional design work.