Construction Update with Alex the Architect – September

Each month, District #7 will provide a construction update on the projects associated with the Bond Referendum with Alex Metzger, the architect for the district. 


  • The project at Lincoln continues to be on schedule and under budget.  
  • The demolition of portions of 1941 and 1953 buildings are complete.  
  • The utility and site grading package for $677,000 to S. Shafer Excavating was approved by the Board of Education at September’s monthly meeting. This will include utility prep for the addition as well as regrading the beginning of digging for the foundation. Additionally, trees between Lincoln and the tennis courts will be removed for the addition to allow for needed space that will benefit students and staff. Any tree removed with a circumference of 36 inches will be milled and utilized in construction projects. 
  • The addition is still scheduled to be ready for the fall of 2025. 

see gallery of photos of Lincoln’s work during September below 


  • Package went to bid last week (which was also under budget) for work on mitigating the water around Midway’s building.  
  • Once approved by the Board of Education in October, work is expected to begin quickly thereafter in late October or November. The work to be done will be earthwork and grading. A new drainage swale will be put in to mitigate water from the building.  
  • Student activity outside will not be impacted. Students will still have access to the playground and the asphalt.  

EHS Commons 

  • Working towards design development set, which should be available soon. 
  • Construction is scheduled to begin late August/early September of 2024 with exterior work. Upon the 2024-25 school year’s completion, this will be tied in and connected to the existing commons space. Scheduled to be open for use in the fall of 2025.


  • Project is in initial stages and playgrounds are currently being assessed with a consultant from Cunningham Recreation by looking at the type of play, equipment, surfaces, and accessibility.  

Secure Entries 

  • Secure entry hardware at Liberty Middle School, Cassens Elementary, Goshen Elementary, Midway Elementary, and Worden Elementary is projected for competition for next summer with district funds. 
  • Edwardsville High School and Leclaire, Glen Carbon, and Woodland elementaries will undergo an interior renovation for secure vestibules. That is expected to be done by the fall of 2024.  
  • With the design of Lincoln Middle School and the future design of Hamel Elementary, secure vestibules will be incorporated.  
  • Nelson Elementary and Columbus Elementary will require additional design work.   

Hamel Elementary 

  • Given the scope of work and costs involved, we are continually looking at Hamel to refine and ensure we can complete the project needed.