Columbus Drop-Off and Pick-Up Changes

March 1, 2023 

Dear Columbus families,  

As previously communicated, Columbus Elementary will have changes to morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up for both our buses and parents, as the City of Edwardsville continues work to replace the water main on North Kansas and East High Streets.  

Start date on Tuesday, March 7th:  

Drop-off: Students will be dropped off at the corner of N. Kansas and Douglas. A staff member will meet students at the bus drop-off point, escort them using the sidewalk on N. Kansas, then walking them to the playground. The Edwardsville Police Department will provide assistance to ensure the safety of our students.   

Pick-up: Students will be picked up on Douglas Street. Staff members will supervise students from the main entrance of Columbus. Students will be escorted using the sidewalk on N. Kansas to the bus pick up point which is the corner of N. Kansas and Douglas Street.  

First Student and its drivers have been notified of these temporary changes. 

Start date on Wednesday, March 8th:

Drop-off: Parents should enter the small alleyway from Hillsboro Avenue, passing through the staff parking lot, and turn left onto College Street to drop off students. To help avoid confusion, the Edwardsville Police Department will have an officer to assist parents at the beginning of the alley. Once you turn left onto College Street, the drop-off procedures remain the same. You may exit using either Commercial Drive or College Street to Main Street (Wildey Theater). 

Pick-up: Parents should begin lining up on Hillsboro Avenue on the same side of the alleyway entrance: Upper Cervical-Dr. Vuagniaux’s Office and Collins Farm. We expect the line will be long and ask that you do not block any driveways or business entrances. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your patience throughout this process. 🙂 

We have worked with Officer Ryan Grimes of the Edwardsville Police Department on these changes and are grateful for their assistance in helping to make this as seamless as possible. Should you have questions about the traffic flow, you may reach out to him at 618-980-8725.  

We want to thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience! 

Julie Matarelli

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