Edwardsville Cheerleading Produces Record-Breaking Season

by Mary Ann Mitchell, public relations and communications coordinator

Edwardsville Cheerleading tryouts are being held this week for the 2023-24 team – a team that will look to follow-up on the success of the 2022-23 team, which is coming off a record-breaking season. While EHS cheer has always been a source of pride for the school and the community, their success was a testament to their talent and hard work.  

“We are still so excited about the success that the 2022-23 team had,” said head coach Anna Schuetzenhofer. “We had amazing leaders in our senior class, and we are so happy that they could graduate with a record-breaking season. It makes us excited for future years of Edwardsville Cheerleading and the success to come.” 

The 2022-23 team recorded the school’s highest ranking at the state championships with a sixth-place overall finish. They also claimed the program’s first sectional championship, while also taking first at the ICCA Championships and winning the Southwestern Conference Championship. Additionally, they earned first place finishes at the Lincoln Way East Invite, the Lockport Invite and the Oak Forest Invite.   

“As their coach, I am most proud of them for embracing new traditions and values this season and pushing themselves towards change, which ultimately ended with being recognized as a top contender in the state.”  

Schuetzenhofer said the team’s success can be attributed to many things.  

“As I mentioned, they worked hard on values and cultures this season. We came up with our five core values at the beginning of the season and it helped the team channel their hard work towards their goals.” 

She added that in cheerleading, details are extremely important, and it was something the team had lacked in the past.

“This team focused on the little details, which paired with their immense talent, led to record-breaking results this season.”  

Coming into the season, the coaching staff knew they had to capitalize on the talent this team had.  

“We knew early on that this team was special, but I would say that we could not have predicted that they would be undefeated until IHSA State. We were genuinely surprised and humbled by every win and every accomplishment along the way.”  

In no way was the success of this season a fluke for the program, which has been a leader in this area of state for many years. They have continually been recognized as a top 25 team in the state and in the last four years have stayed consistent in the top 10 teams in the state in the Large Varsity Division. 

“The word of our success this season and in previous seasons will hopefully inspire more young cheerleaders in the district to work hard and build the Edwardsville Cheerleading Program. I want to recognize that our JV and middle school programs also had remarkable success this season due to coaching and talent. We will never stop working to improve the program and I believe that this upcoming season will be just as good, if not better, than this season was.” 



District #7 Substitute Teacher Pay Rate Increased

Substitute teachers are an important part of maintaining continuity in education and ensuring that students receive instruction and proper care even when our regular staff may be absent. To show their value, District #7 has increased the pay rate for substitute teachers to $125/day.

Among the many benefits this position offers include:  

  • Working while your kids are in school 
  • Choosing the school(s) where you work 
  • Enjoying the same school breaks and holidays 
  • Flexibility to choose the days you work 
The school year may be winding down, but Distirct #7 is still looking for subs.



2023 Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment opportunities are back!

See the attached flyers for exciting summer opportunities for students in grades K-8.

K-2 Art (K-2nd grade students only) 

3-5 Art (3rd-5th grade students only)

Middle School Art (6th-8th grade students only) 

STEMscopes (3rd-8th grade students only) 

Links to sign up for summer courses are in the PDFs.

Once completed, send or bring payment to:
District 7 Center for Learning
1210 North Main Street
Edwardsville, IL 62025

All enrollment is pending until payment has been received.

For questions on any of these, please contact Julie Dean at 618-655-6021.

Community Approves District #7’s Zero-Tax-Rate-Increase Bond Proposal

District #7 voters gave their support to the district’s bond proposal on the April 4 election ballot. The bond proposal is a $100 million zero-tax-rate-increase bond issue, which will fund projects at every school in D7, including addressing identified facility needs, essential safety and security upgrades and other identified critical maintenance needs and provide an improved learning environment for D7 students. Approval of the bond issue will not increase the district’s bond and interest property tax levy. 

“We thank the District #7 community for getting out to vote,” said Superintendent Dr. Patrick Shelton. “We are proud to be in a community that has strong pride in its schools. Improving our school buildings now will benefit many future generations of students and homeowners, while helping to protect the financial future of our district.” 

In the coming weeks, D7 will begin planning for and scheduling projects in the bond issue.   

“It’s important to note that due to the size of this bond issue, it will likely take five or six years to complete all items on the project lists,” said Shelton. “Top priority projects will be completed first and then, secondary projects will begin. The proposed bond issue addresses identified needs for the district, however, the list could possibly be modified due to changing financial conditions. With today’s economy, the district will be diligent to protect the taxpayer’s investment while completing the identified projects in the bond issue proposal.” 

Unofficial results from the election showed 64.52% voting in favor of the proposal. A 50% majority was required for the measure to pass.

For more information on the D7 bond proposal, go to www.ecusd7.org/bond 

2023-24 Pre-Registration Open

Parents/guardians of students new to District #7 for the 2023-24 school year can now pre-register for the 2023-2024 school year. This includes incoming kindergarteners, students moving into the district or students transferring from a private school.   

A pre-registration form must be submitted for any student that is not currently enrolled in District #7. All pre-approved and returning District #7 families will still need to complete the registration process. 

Registration for students currently enrolled in District #7 is anticipated to open on or around May 1, 2023. 

Pre-registration requires a birth certificate of the student and a photo identification of the person filling out the pre-registration form.  

Parents/guardians may pre-register their student(s) here: District #7 Pre-Registration 


District #7 March Update


Hello District #7 and Happy Friday! As of 3:35 p.m. today our students and teachers will be on a well-deserved break. Spring break begins today and school will be back in session on Tuesday, April 11.   

I wanted to take a few moments to update you on our recent Board meeting. Mr. Michael Hubbard, the Director of Security in District #7, presented the current and ongoing work of maintaining safe schools throughout District #7. Safety and Security are never far from our mind, but that holds especially true as we witness the recent events in Nashville, TN. We continue to be in thought and prayer for those families impacted by this horrible event.  

As a school district, we must remain vigilant in identifying and responding to threats which occur. Over the past several months, Mr. Hubbard has increased the training and consistency of our School Safety Officers and their presence in schools, updated our district-wide crisis manual, and connected our district-wide safety and security team. We also continue to investigate any threats of violence which are brought to our attention. District #7 is also installing vape detectors over Spring Break in an effort to alleviate the vaping epidemic which continues to impact our students.  

I also provided the Board of Education and those present with an update on our no-tax-rate-increase bond proposal that is on the ballot next Tuesday. Earlier this year, safety and security was identified as the number one priority for our schools and the bond proposal includes installing double-entry door systems in each District #7 school. We are also excited about the potential upgrades to our facilities with a renovation and addition to Lincoln Middle School, repairs and renovations at Hamel Elementary, Midway Elementary, Columbus Elementary and Edwardsville High School, along with new accessible and safe playgrounds at all District #7 Elementary Schools.  With Election Day occurring over spring break, we have also been intentionally reminding those in the District #7 community who are travelling to vote early. Please visit ecusd7.org/bond for more information on the bond proposal. 

We continue to plan for a busy summer in District #7. Summer school for this year will be held at Goshen Elementary School and Liberty Middle School, as Edwardsville High School will be closed for the vast majority of the summer for construction and fire alarm work.  

Finally, Parents/guardians of students new to District #7 for the 2023-24 school year can now pre-register on our website at ecusd7.org. This includes incoming kindergarteners, students moving into the district or students transferring from a private school. Registration for students currently enrolled in District #7 is anticipated to open on or around May 1, 2023. We will be sure to communicate as we get closer to May.  

Spring in District #7 is always a busy one and following spring break, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to take in one of our spring sports and activities such as our spring concerts, as all of our students continue to make District #7 proud.   

Have a wonderful Spring Break and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, April 11!  

Patrick Shelton, Ed.D.



Friday Feature: Lynne Kusnerick, Goshen Nurse

by Mary Ann Mitchell, public relations and communications coordinator

After working as a nurse in oncology for 10 years, Lynne Kusnerick wanted to look for something opposite of what she was doing.   

“I was working with a lot of elderly patients in my previous position, so I thought it might be fun to work with children. I had seen a lot of sadness, so I was ready for some happiness.”  

And that is exactly what she has found as a school nurse.  

“I enjoy the hugs and the funny things that kids say the most! I wish I would have written down all the cute and hilarious things that kids have said or that have happened while at work. I would have a bestseller by now!” 

Kusnerick has been with District #7 for almost 16 years – 15 of those at Goshen.  

“I chose to work in District #7 because I had heard so many positive things about the district and because District #7 has such a great reputation in the community.” 

She did not always want to be a nurse and thought it would be fun to be a beautician or back-up singer when she was younger.  

The major reason I became a nurse is because one of my best friends was going to be a nurse, and I decided to give it a try too. It turned out to be a good fit for me because I was able to work in many different areas of nursing over the years.”

Kusnerick began her nursing career as a float nurse in a hospital, then at a Home IV Company before her time as an outpatient cancer center/oncology nurse. She also spent five years as a school nurse in another district before coming to Edwardsville. 

She enjoys the variety of nursing care and situations that arise in a school setting.  

“One day is never like the next. I always think I have seen it all, and then something new happens – such as when I discovered a live spider in a child’s ear!” 

Kusnerick enjoys providing education to the students as it gives her time to interact with them and teach them ways to improve their health.  

“Sometimes being at school is a young child’s first time to be away from their parents. I enjoy being one of the people that the kids know will help them if they get sick. Since my own kids are grown men now, I hope that being around young students will keep me young at heart forever!”  

She also enjoys the staff she works with, both in Goshen and throughout the district.  

“It is also fun to do different activities with the staff, such as running the Biggest Loser program. I work with a variety of different health conditions and feel that I am constantly learning. I love working independently, knowing that I have a strong support system with all the other nurses in the district. One major thing I love about my job is my coworkers—they are one of the main reasons I love my job.”   




Friday Feature: Cindy Steele, Special Education Coordinator

by Mary Ann Mitchell, public relations and communications coordinator

District #7 special education coordinator Cindy Steele has always had a passion for children, their well-being and happiness.  

She has been with the district for 29 years, joining the D7 family as a school psychologist before moving into her current role in 2006.  

“I have been fortunate in my role. It has allowed me to work as part of a team, which is critical in problem-solving and student needs. I get to look at different issues through the lenses of parents, teachers, administrators, and the child.” 

Steele has always had an interest in mental health and while working in a psychiatric hospital for children, knew she wanted to concentrate on school psychology. 

“Working on the different units in the hospital setting, one of the common themes of all the children was their educational experience and how they struggled in school because of the needs they had. I knew I wanted to do psychology in an education setting. It is such an important part of student’s life.” 

Throughout her career, she has been able to work towards the well-being and happiness of students in a variety of ways.  

“I have a bunch of passions within that overarching passion for kids and that includes social-emotional health. The impact I hope to leave is helping to develop programs for kids and systems of support that allows them to recognize their strengths and celebrate what they are good at and their impact on the world, while also giving them the skills and tools to navigate all the challenges.” 

Another passion of Steel’s is reading and helping kids unlock the code and developing programs for students with developmental disabilities, specific learning abilities and medically fragile children. 

Steele said she has been fortunate to work with many different teams across all school buildings as well individuals throughout the community.  

“I’ve had the privilege of partnering with SIUE and their school psychology department when we built a program for students with autism spectrum disorder and are now working with SIUE to develop multi-tiered systems of support.” 

She has also been able to work with law enforcement partners, school resource officers, nurses, and even bus drivers and transportation team members.  

“Edwardsville and this community have a lot of compassionate people who are dedicated to what they are doing. I love my job and it can be challenging at times, but I have always felt very supported because of the people alongside me that share the same passion for kids.” 

Steele said the most rewarding part of her job is seeing a program developed that has a significant impact on a student.  

“I want every child to feel successful here, which is part of our mission statement. Seeing their successes and making sure they also see those successes is so rewarding.” 

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Summer Enrichment opportunities are back!

See the attached flyers for exciting summer opportunities for students in grades K-8.

K-2 Art (K-2nd grade students only) 

3-5 Art (3rd-5th grade students only)

Middle School Art (6th-8th grade students only) 

STEMscopes (3rd-8th grade students only) 

Links to sign up for summer courses are in the PDFs.

Once completed, send or bring payment to:
District 7 Center for Learning
1210 North Main Street
Edwardsville, IL 62025

All enrollment is pending until payment has been received.

For questions on any of these, please contact Julie Dean at 618-655-6021.

Upcoming District #7 Bond Proposal

March 13, 2023  

Dear District #7 families,  

In a few short weeks, residents in our community will vote on April 4 on our district’s zero-tax-rate-change bond issue. We will continue to share information, but I wanted you to know just a little more about what this proposal will do for our schools, our students, and our community.  

Many of our schools are aging and in need of critical improvements. Our bond proposal will also fund important safety and security improvements at every District #7 school. Here is a list of some of the projects the bond proposal will provide: 

  • Upgrade safety and security, including secure double entry doors, at all District #7 schools. 
  • Repair and renovate building infrastructure items including roofs, windows, doors, floors, HVAC and plumbing and electrical systems at Lincoln Middle, Hamel and Midway elementaries and other schools where needed. 
  • Partially renovate and rebuild our century old historic high school building that now serves as Lincoln Middle School. 
  • Remediation of asbestos and construction of new classrooms and gymnasium at Hamel Elementary School. 
  • Complete repairs related to moisture infiltration and possible settlement at Midway Elementary.  
  • Complete an addition of 7,000 square feet to the Commons at Edwardsville High School. 

Our District has a unique opportunity to complete the needed building updates without increasing the portion of the tax rate residents pay towards retiring school debt if the bond proposal is approved.  

Thank you for sharing information about the proposal with your neighbors and friends. It is important for everyone to be informed. For more information on the bond proposal, including an FAQ and a list of projects by school, please visit www.ecusd7.org/bond 


Patrick Shelton, Ed.D.