On Friday, January 8, 2021, the #take10 Wellness Team had the honor of recognizing some of our hardworking champions who give their best every day.

Emily Cimarolli, second grade remote teacher at Nelson Elementary

Leah Gibbs, head cook at Goshen Elementary

Mandie Schulte, secretary at EHS South

Beth Renth, principal at Worden Elementary

Important Message from District 7: 1-8-2021

District 7 Families,

The purpose of this communication is to update families on the schedule changes beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

As a reminder, all parents who chose 100% remote learning for their student during the second semester will continue in a remote learning status the entire semester regardless of any schedule changes described below.

Elementary: Pre-k through 5th grade

All elementary students will return to five days per week of in-person instruction beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

Middle School: 6th through 8th grade

Middle School students will transition to five days per week of in-person instruction beginning on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 utilizing the following schedule:Tuesday, January 19 – Friday,

  • January 22, 2021: All 6th grade students will begin attending in-person every day. 7th and 8th grade students will remain in a remote learning setting.
  • Monday, January 25, 2021 and Tuesday, January 26, 2021: All 6th grade and 7th grade students will attend in-person every day. 8th grade students will remain in a remote learning setting.
  • Beginning Wednesday, January 27, 2021: All students (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) will attend in-person every day.

The above staggered transition will ensure that our middle schools will be able to safely transition students back to in-person learning while still ensuring all students receive five days per week of instruction. More information will be emailed from principals next week to outline specific changes in building procedures.

High School: 9th through 12th grade

All High School students will continue in a 100% remote learning setting on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

As District 7 staff members receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the number of new cases in our communities and county continue to decrease, it is the intention to return high school students to five days per week of in-person instruction. The rationale for continuing 100% remote learning instead of moving into a hybrid schedule is to allow high school students to continue to receive five days a week of instruction remotely until the students are able to return to school for five days a week of in-person instruction.

The District will continue to monitor all available data weekly and will inform families of any change to the high school schedule. As we continue to balance student and staff safety along with the instructional and socio-emotional needs of our high school students, the possibility exists for high school students to move into a hybrid (A/B) schedule if it is determined that five days of in-person instruction is not feasible. High school families can expect to receive an update on the schedule on Friday, January 29, 2021.

Additional information will be provided to families regarding opportunities for high school students to come to school for in-person tutoring, small group instruction or other services during the afternoon academic hour.

Food Service/Meal Pickup
All District 7 students will continue to receive free breakfasts and lunches for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. Students who are in-person learners will receive meals at school. Families will still be able to access meals in one week increments for any child under 18 that is learning remotely. Beginning on January 19, 2021, families of remote students may pick up meals at Edwardsville High School only on school days from 8:00am-1:30pm.

Procedural Changes

Upon returning to school for in-person learning, students should be prepared to see some changes to building procedures. One change for all students is the addition of a daily temperature check upon arrival at school. As stated previously, your building principal will send an email next week regarding the procedural changes that will occur within your child’s school. In addition, all families will be emailed a self-certification form which must be submitted prior to students returning to school for in-person instruction.

As students begin to come back for in-person learning, families should be aware of the fluid nature of our circumstances. If COVID positive individuals are in school buildings, we will continue to have situations where groups of students and in many cases entire classes will be required to be quarantined. If positive cases in our community and county spike again, we would temporarily pause in-person instruction and move back into a remote setting for all students. In all situations, we will attempt to give as much notice as possible for families to be able to prepare.

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate these challenges together.

Dr. Jason Henderson
Edwardsville CUSD7

District 7 is Hiring

District 7 is hiring!  To learn more about available positions, please visit the District 7 personnel website.

Classified Positions:

  • Custodians
  • Monitors
  • Program Assistants
  • Extraordinary Care Assistants
  • Cafeteria Workers

Certified Positions:

  • Special Education Teachers
  • School Psychologists
  • Part-time Physical Education Teacher
  • Vocational Education/Applied Technology Teacher

Reminder from District 7

District 7 Families, 
This is a reminder that Monday, January 4, 2021 will be a remote planning day for staff with no student instruction.  Tuesday, January 5th through Friday, January 15th will be 100% remote instruction for all grade levels K-12.  
On Friday, January 8th, families will be notified regarding the plan for student instruction and the schedule for the week of January 19th and beyond.  Families that chose 100% remote instruction will continue to be remote for the entire second semester for all grade levels.  
We hope that you have been able to enjoy this holiday break with your families and are excited to begin the second semester with your students.

Meet the Principal

Edwardsville District 7 Meet The Principal Series

Part 2: Tiana Montgomery, Albert Cassens Elementary School


Message from District 7: 12-14-2020 Update

District 7 Families,

This email is being sent to notify families that all K-12  students (including those in the CASTLE/FLS programs) will be in a remote setting for the first two weeks in January.  Preschool and Preschool Academy will continue with the current schedule.  Monday, January 4th will be a remote planning day with no instruction for all students. On Tuesday, January 5th, remote instruction will resume for all students and will continue through Friday, January 15th.   The reasons for making the decision to continue remote learning into January at this time are the following:

  •  Positive cases in District 7 Communities continue to be high with over 300 new positive cases in the last week.  More specifically, Madison County Health Department has provided data showing that within our school district boundaries in the last 14 days there have been 18 new cases in the 5-9 age range, 25 new cases in the 10-14 age range, and 40 new cases in the 15-19 age range.
  •  Waiting two weeks after the winter break will allow any surge in cases to pass prior to the return to in-person instruction.  Our area has seen a surge in positive cases after both Halloween and Thanksgiving, and it is extremely likely that the same will occur after the winter break as well.
  •  Providing this information now gives families more time to develop a childcare plan.

While remote learning has run smoothly for many students and families since November 30th, we understand that a remote setting is not ideal.  At the elementary level, remote instruction requires assistance from families in order to be successful, and because of this, the decision to continue to pause in-person learning at those grade levels was not taken lightly.

Beginning on Tuesday, January 19th, we plan for all pre-k through 5th grade students to return to in-person instruction five days a week.  We will continue to consult with the Madison County Health Department to help make determinations regarding in-person learning.  Any changes in schedules at the elementary level as a whole will have a minimum of one week’s notice.

The instructional model (fully in-person/hybrid/remote) for the middle and high school levels beginning on January 19th has not yet been determined.  This decision will be communicated in early January to families after consultation with the Madison County Health Department.

High school administration will be sending an email in the coming days to families with information on how to pick up books for those students that are taking different classes during the second semester.

Please continue to check your email this week for more building specific information regarding the beginning of second semester.

Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these challenges together.


Dr. Jason Henderson

Online Superintendent Search Survey

The Edwardsville CUSD 7 Board of Education is conducting a search for a new superintendent.  The selection of a new superintendent is probably the most important decision a board of education has to make; therefore, the Board has hired the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) to assist in this process.

The Board of Education is seeking everyone’s input in the search process.  The Board requests that all board members, all staff, all parents and community members complete an online survey provided by the IASB.  The results will be tallied and used by the Board and Screening Team to develop a brochure to advertise the position.

The deadline for all survey responses is December 17, 2020 at 11:45 p.m.

Edwardsville Community Survey:


Thank you for taking time to complete the survey.


Mental health is important and District 7 is committed to supporting the mental health needs of all employees. The District 7 #take10 wellness program provides a multi-tiered approach of prioritizing appreciation activities, creating opportunities for genuine collaboration, and providing resources to meet mental health needs.

Today we launched our appreciation activities and our first #take10 District recognition goes to the EHS Instructional Technology Coaches.    Their support throughout this crazy year has been unfailing and likely under appreciated.  That’s why #take10 is recognizing them and asking that they #take10 minutes for self-care while they enjoy their rewards of smoothies and gift cards from our partners at Source Juicery.    Join us in congratulating Carry Bailey, Mandy Huling, Adam Koester and Lauren Mudge for a job well done, and remember to #take10 minutes for yourself every day!