Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy

District #7 has always valued diverse languages and cultures and now we want to celebrate and recognize the many languages spoken within our District #7 boundaries! Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, we will be participating in the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy. The Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy is an award presented at graduation in recognition of attaining a high level of proficiency in English and in one or more other languages. It is officially designated on a student’s transcript and high school diploma. 

This award is a great way to honor and encourage bilingualism and maintenance of home language for our English learner students as well as an extra incentive for our English-speaking students participating in world language studies. The award is available to students of all backgrounds and can be assessed anytime during a student’s high school career.  

Based on a student’s level of proficiency in English and their additional language, a student may qualify to receive State Commendation Toward Biliteracy or the State Seal of Biliteracy according to the proficiency information laid out below: 


State Commendation Towards Biliteracy Requirements 

State Seal of Biliteracy Requirements


English Proficiency (choose one): 

  1. ACCESS for ELLs: 3.5 literacy 
  1. AP English Language and Composition exam: 3 
  1. ELA Dual Credit Course 
  1. STAMPS 4S: Intermediate Low 
  1. ACT: College ready benchmark (English) or 21 Composite 
  1. SAT: 480 ELA Score 
  1. TOEFL: Intermediate Low 


English Proficiency (choose one): 

  1. ACCESS for ELLs: 4.8 Composite 
  1. AP English Language and Composition exam: 4 
  1. ELA Dual Credit Course 
  1. STAMPS 4S: Intermediate High 
  1. ACT: College ready benchmark (English) or 21 Composite 
  1. SAT: 480 ELA Score 
  1. TOEFL: 85 
  1. TOEIC: 550 


World Language Proficiency (choose one): 

  1. AP Language and Culture Exam: 3 
  1. STAMP 4S: Intermediate Low 
  1. AAPPL form B: I-1 (Intermediate Low) 
  1. NEWL: Intermediate Low 


World Language Proficiency (choose one): 

  1. AP Language and Culture Exam: 4 
  1. STAMP 4S: Intermediate High 
  1. AAPPL form B: 1-5 (Intermediate High) 
  1. NEWL: Intermediate High 

There are also many postsecondary award benefits to earning the State Seal of Biliteracy, including all Illinois public colleges and universities must accept the State Seal of Biliteracy as equivalent to two years of world language coursework taken during high school for admissions purposes.  This document (Albanian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese) provides more detailed information regarding public colleges and universities in Illinois. 

EHS Band Takes Top Honors at Metro East Marching Classic

The EHS Marching Tigers was named large school Grand Champion at the 2023 Metro East Marching Classic held Saturday, Sept. 9 in O’Fallon.

Under the direction of directors Ryan Lipscomb and Dean Anderson, the Tigers performed their 2023 show, “Once Upon a Midnight Hour”. That performance also garnered awards for:

  • Outstanding Visual Performance
  • Outstanding Musical Performance
  • Outstanding Percussion
  • Outstanding Color Guard
  • 1st Place 4A Band

Everyone, Every day, Edwardsville

In District #7, everyone matters. Every day.  

The district and its schools are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment where students can thrive. To further this priority, the district announced its theme for the 2023-24 school year of Everyone, Every day, Edwardsville to staff prior to school starting.

“It builds on our mission and vision statements of each individual student and each individual employee and supporting their growth,” said Superintendent Dr. Patrick Shelton. “The theme also builds on the anti-bullying and harrasment work we have been doing the last few months. We want each student and employee to be treated with kindess and respect – regardless of who they are, their background, or what they believe in.” 

As Shelton and other district leaders unpacked that, the thought was that the theme is also something the community could get behind as well.  

As a result, the district has launched an Everyone, Every day, Edwardsville t-shirt sales campaign with all proceeds going directly towards anti-bullying and kindness in each of its 13 buildings. The campaign was announced at Monday night’s monthly Board of Education meeting, where all board members wore the shirt.

Why t-shirts?
These shirts are a visible show of commitment to spreading kindness and making it known that every one person matters every day in District #7. By wearing these shirts, we are sending a powerful message that we stand united in promoting positivity and respect to all individuals within our schools.   

T-shirt details
Youth size: $12 each 
Adult size: $15 each    

How you can participate
Beginning today, you can purchase these special shirts by simply visiting our online store at to place your order.  

The store will close at midnight on September 12 and t-shirts will be delivered the following week.   

How your support makes a difference
Profits from these t-shirt sales will directly contribute to programs and activities in each of our schools that are designed to prevent bullying and promote kindness throughout the district.    

Mark your calendars: Friday, September 29
On this special day (which is also the Friday of Homecoming week), all those who bought a t-shirt are encouraged to wear their Everyone, Every day, Edwardsville t-shirt as a collective symbol of our commitment to kindness, inclusivity, and positive change.  


Members of the Board of Education proudly display their shirts.



Construction Update with Alex the Architect

Each month, District #7 will provide a construction update on the projects associated with the Bond Referendum with Alex Metzger, the architect for the district. 


Lincoln Middle School
Seven weeks ago, the district switched architects and is now working with BLDD. Since then, the project is at a schematic design package, which essentially shows pictures of where the design is at. They are now moving into design development.  

While colors and final designs are being finalized, these renderings show the design of what the front of Lincoln will look like: (scroll through for additional photos)


Demolition of the 1941 portion of the building, along with some of the 1953 portion of the building, began on Tuesday, August 8. That part of the building houses, ag, art, maintenance and technology. The 1953 portion is completely down, while work continues on sub cutting the third floor of the 1941 portion. Throughout the next two weeks, they will be cutting those roof and floor slabs, and once complete, a large excavator will tear that portion down.  

Once it is down to the floor slabs, jackhammering will take place on the floor of both the 1941 and 1953 portions. This will last until mid-September and will be followed by digging the foundations and hopefully having those poured before winter sets in.  

Construction photos from Friday, Aug. 25


Hamel Elementary
Plans continue to be refined for Hamel, to make it the most cost effective, yet, quality building.   

Midway Elementary
Crews will regrade the site first to see if that mitigates any of the water issues. That will all be done outside of the building. Once complete, it will be analyzed for a year to see if that helped the water problem.  

Secure Entries
Secure entry hardware at Liberty Middle School, Cassens Elementary, Goshen Elementary, Midway Elementary and Worden Elementary is projected for next summer.  

With the designs of Lincoln Middle School and Hamel Elementary, secure vestibules will be incorporated. 

Vestibules will need to be built out at EHS, Woodland Elementary, Glen Carbon Elementary and Leclaire Elementary.  

 Nelson Elementary and Columbus Elementary will require additional design work.  

Message From Dr. Shelton

On the eve of the first day of school tomorrow, watch this message from District #7 Superintendent Dr. Patrick Shelton. He shares highlights going into the 2023-2024 school year as well as some of the recent challenges.

Read the video transcript here | Watch on YouTube with subtitles




Power School Parent Portal Access

The District #7 PowerSchool Parent Portal is parents’ tool for staying connected with their child’s educational journey. Below are directions to set-up and log in to the Parent Portal. Once completed, you will be able to access your student’s teacher, schedules and transportation (once it is available). A reminder that if you have not fully completed registration yet, you will not have access to the Parent Portal.

If you have questions or encounter any issues during the Power School Parent Portal account setup process, please contact the District #7 Central Office at 618.656.1182 and your call will be routed to someone who can provide assistance.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Directions 

Lincoln Construction Impacts to Pick-Up and Drop-Off

As we gear up for the 2023-24 school year at Lincoln Middle School, we want to keep you informed about some important changes happening on the school campus. As you hopefully know, this past spring our community approved the District’s $100 million bond proposal, with one of the major projects being the renovation of Lincoln. Construction and demolition at and around the northern section of the building is now underway. During the summer, our construction manager worked to separate the building into two sections: the southern half that will be occupied by students and the northern half for demolition.    

To ensure the safety of everyone, including students, faculty, staff, and parents, the area undergoing construction will be surrounded by a fence. This is to prevent any accidents or mishaps during the construction period.   

There will also be changes to drop off and pick up of students. Please see the attached map for a visual.     

  • Drop-Off Points: Due to the construction, the entrance from St. Louis Street will be closed for drop-offs. If you drop off your child, please use the circle drive from West Street. Also, kindly remember that parking is only allowed in the front angled parking area, not anywhere else along the circle drive.   
  • School Bus Information: If your child uses the school bus, there will not be any changes in their drop-off and pick-up location. They will continue to be dropped off and picked up outside the gym, as they did last year.   
  • Special Program Students: For students in special programs, their bus will pick them up and drop them off at the entrance to Floor Zero, as indicated on the provided information graphic.   

Finally, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is for everyone to pay attention to the posted signs and follow the instructions given. This will ensure the safety and well-being of all students, staff, and visitors during this transitional period.   

We understand these changes might be a bit inconvenient, but please know they are necessary to improve the school facilities to benefit our students. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to a successful and safe school year ahead.   


Tiger View Update

August 2, 2023 

Dear parents and guardians,  

With the turning of the calendar to August, we are that much closer to the start of the new school year on Wednesday, August 16.  

A reminder for students entering 3rd, 6th or 9th grades of the Mascot Welcome next Friday, August 11. You should have received more information on this event from your building principal. We are looking forward to welcoming those students to their new building and helping them get acclimated prior to the first day of school.  

Back in April, we shared that District #7 would be upgrading our student information system from eSchoolPlus to PowerSchool SIS. With this change, we will no longer be using TigerView. Instead, there is a Parent Portal with PowerSchool, which will allow parents/guardians to view important information, such as attendance, grades, class schedule, transportation, and contact information.  

Information regarding teachers, buses, and schedules for the 2023-24 school year will be released in PowerSchool and is tentatively scheduled to be released on Friday, August 11. Later next week, we will share directions and details for parents for creating an account in PowerSchool.  


Patrick Shelton, Ed.D.


Diversity Day at the Futures

Diversity Day at the Futures, presented by McConnell and Associates, returned for a third straight year at Liberty Middle School on Wednesday morning. The event is held as part of the Edwardsville Futures Tennis Tournament, presented by the EGHM Foundation.

Dave Lipe, tournament director and EHS tennis coach, organizes Diversity Day to help expose minority and underprivileged students to the sport of tennis and help engage them in a sport they may not typically be able to play.

The students in attendance were able to learn more about tennis and had a great time playing the game itself.