ECUSD7 Access to Public Records

The Types of Public Records Maintained by the District:


  • Board meeting schedules *
  • Board minutes and resolutions*
  • Board policies and administrative procedures*
  • Legal notices
  • Employee names, titles, and dates of employment
  • Official bonds
  • Records of District ownership of real or personal property
  • Contracts
  • Contractors’ records of their employees on public works of the District
  • School report cards*


  • Annual budgets*
  • Tax levies*
  • Audit reports*
  • Bills or invoices issued and received by the District
  • Receipts for revenue

Note that exemptions under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act may allow non-disclosure of some public records maintained by the District.

*Asterisked items describe types of records which will be made available immediately upon request.

Description of the Procedure for Submitting FOIA Requests

Requests for public records must be in writing, or via email, and directed to:

Dr. Patrick Shelton, Superintendent
Edwardsville CUSD No. 7
708 St. Louis Street
Edwardsville, IL 62025