A Message from District 7 Board President Laurent

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the Illinois Association of School Boards on-line survey was sent to the Board of Education, staff, and district parents to solicit input on priorities regarding the person to be sought as superintendent. There is also a community link posted on the district’s webpage and Facebook site.

This survey identifies traits/skills needed for educational leader success. Stakeholder groups will be compared for congruence, and this information will be shared at an upcoming open meeting with the Board of Education. Survey deadline is October 18.

Starting on October 9, 2018 and continuing through October 22, 2018, stakeholder sessions are being conducted within the district for certified staff, and input from support staff. The Illinois Association School Board consultant acts as an unbiased interviewer and facilitator to gather perceptions of district administration and staff regarding the characteristics and skills to be sought in a new superintendent.

This input will be compared across stakeholder groups (staff and community), and presented to the Board of Education in an open meeting. The information aids in the development of search criteria, as well as a resource for the Board of Education preparation for interviews of finalists. The new superintendent can use this report as an orientation document as well.

The vacancy announcement/brochure is being developed from the data received from the district. This is a work-in-progress; ultimately this will aid in publicizing the position. It will include general information of the district and surrounding area, information on the application process, the financial structure of the district, and members of the Board of Education.