2022 Summer Sports Camps

Summer is right around the corner, which means many of our athletic teams and extracurricular groups have announced their summer camps.  

Please see the list below of District offered camps and click on the respective link for more information. 

Additionally, several other summer camps and events are being added to our Virtual Backpack daily. The Virtual Backpack assists our families in obtaining information pertaining to community resources, services and information as District #7 continues to work in a paperless format. 

Thank you! 


CAMP  GRADE (entering 22-23 year) 
Tiger Tennis Camp  K-2nd | 3rd-6th | 7th-12th 
Lady Tiger Softball Camp  3rd-9th 
Tiger Basketball Camp  3rd-9th | 8th-9th 
Lady Tiger Basketball Camp  2nd-9th 
EHS Boys Volleyball Camp  4th-9th 
Tiger Football Future’s Camp  7th-9th 
Wrestling Camp  ages 4-6 
Edwardsville Tiger Golf Camp  3rd-8th 
EHS Boys Soccer Camp – Middle School  6th-8th 
EHS Boys Soccer Camp – High School  9th-12th 
EHS Throws Camp  6th-12th 
Edwardsville Field Hockey Summer Camp  4th-12th 
EHS Summer Dance Camp   
Edwardsville Summer Volleyball Camp  1st-9th 
Choir Camp  current grades 3rd-8th